Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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5 things in my bag
urmmmmm.. lets see
note book + few pens+green highlighter
water bottle
my hard earned roxy wallet
lots and lots of used and unused tissues
3 different kind of nuts (dont ask=p)

5 things in my purse
my cash + LTC's cash
lots of recepits
july hillsongs concert tickets
bank, student id, encouraging cards
ah, a buy one free one baskin robbins card that should be used some time soon

5 favorite things in my room
2 different bibles+my journal
white rover + his son, zac + soft heart+yellow boster
my bed
warm blanket (seriously what can i do without it, sejuk wei)
uh clothes?

5 things i'm currently in to
praying for lots of people
checking my email like every 30 mins
listening to kutless
something that will never change, afternoon naps!

5 people i tag
i donno... whoever is as jobless as me =)

wen jie i do the other tag when im feeling as jobless as now =p

pearls blogged at Tuesday, September 04, 2007

random statements

A VERY BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my two closest friends back in KL.
to Nish: I MISH YOU! we will celebrate when i go back kkk... 3 MORE MONTHS WEI!!!
to siew see: oooo.... we have lots to catch up on, go get internet la! hehe. ok la, the chances of you stumbling upon this blog is 0.01%. so yea..its ok!

last week i was quite happy and encouraged. i received 3 cards from 3 diff ppl! i likey! i love receiving cards as much i love giving them out!

my face has been quite dry and itchy

i am done with my 1rst round of assignments. 2nd one all due first week of oct

my upper mouth feels a bit burnt, my lower mouth feels funny

i feel like going shopping, hopefully my finances allow me

im going to 3 different retreats during the sept hols. so exciting!

my back hurts

no, im not going to get facebook

and no, theres no point if you create an account for me

it is 3.35 am

i have to print assignment

i am sleepy

pearls blogged at Tuesday, September 04, 2007

May your light shine...
in the darkness...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


finally done with my 3rd assignment in 3 weeks. feel like got no space for myself . 5 days a week filled with activities and these few weeks are the "peak" season where you'll be on your com all night researching for essays. i feel so sleep deprived. slept at 7.30 this morning finishing up an assigment. and as far as i can remember, the only time that i can really talk to God and just spend quality time with Him is when a walk to and fro from uni. arghhh! i feel so whiny! i hate it! but i just need to vent out. to let go of my frustrations and just leave it. eventhough i doubt anyone would have the patience to read my not very interesting blog. hehe. urm i donno la. been pretty like lost and so many things on my mind. argh! God, i need help! i just feel like going to the rooftop now and just vent out to God. actually i was planning to but it was so so cold. hehe

dont get me wrong. i love all my church activities. i love them! i feel like i have grown more rapidly than ever before. its really great. so many of these have been a blessing to me.

Cleansing Stream so far taught me to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to just commit myself to God. and it has been proven that whoever goes through this course will usually go through alot of "down" periods. at first i was like... oh no! my life is pretty ok now. i like it the way it is. but slowly i changed my mentality. i am more ok bring it on, man! because once you've went through a rough patch, youve got something to really praise God for. and i hope these trying times will reveal to me my weaknesses and what God wants to change in my life.

Alpha however, teaches on fundamental truths about our Christian walk which is really useful. because it reveals certain answes that you always wanted to find out but you just brush it aside. so its cool. heh.

OCF. wow. i wouldnt even know where to start. i think OCF has played a major part in my journey in Melbourne. initially i thought i would never fit in. you know how newbies cannot really fit in especially when the group is like really close to each other already, and yah being the insecure person that i am.... hahaha... but now, i look forward to OCF every fri. and i know that God has called me to be there. to build me up there and maybe someday, i can contribute to His Kingdom in OCF. and i really really love my cell group. its called Wei Ann's cell!!! hehe... and im really glad that God has answered my heart's cry to just to be able to have good fellowship with fellow believers. people that will support and pray with me. so happiiieeee =)

next would be LTC. its like a leader's training course for OCF. i really learnt alot from there. and its just so great to be alongside with so many potential leaders. and i believe that we will be the generation that brings revival to Australia or maybe our respective countries. who knows? i really hope to know whats God's calling upon my life


oooooo GUESS WHAT!!! we've got new tenants to move into our place so we can move into a super duper nice place on the same floor. so much bigger and cooler. can roll on the floor, can play twister. ahhhh its so cool! i want to shift in NOW NOW! hahahha! hopefully, prayerfully that everything goes smooth. he!

im actually itching to start on my 4th assignment but i need to rest today or i will just kong out soon.

tata! =)

pearls blogged at Wednesday, August 29, 2007

May your light shine...
in the darkness...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

15th aug 2007

had a dream last night. dreamt of mummy. cant really remember it though but i remember waking up feeling happy and sad at the same time.

woke up with a flu

ate leftovers plus a half eaten plain bun

read a bit of macroecons

played tennis

drank a very good boost juice (extra choc.. yum!)

ate thai food for dinner

ran home to bathe

ran to church

attended cleansing stream session

came home

still having a flu

still need to study macro for test

feeling very cold and sleepy

pearls blogged at Wednesday, August 15, 2007

May your light shine...
in the darkness...

Monday, August 13, 2007

very very NOT happy with the ending of grey's anatomy season 3. what is this man.

pearls blogged at Monday, August 13, 2007

May your light shine...
in the darkness...

Sunday, August 12, 2007


and no, i wasnt trying to write a poem. hehe

pearls blogged at Sunday, August 12, 2007

God, help me

too many things on my mind
i'm not sure how to handle them
God, help me to lay them down at Your feet

too many things i want to do
im not sure whether i have the ability do them
God, help me to do the things that You want me to do with YOUR strength

too many things i want to know and learn,
im not sure whether anyone will have the patience to teach me
God, help me understand the unknown things

too many people i want to build good relationships with
im not sure whether people feel the same
God, help me to love people with Your love, and that people wil love me too

too many things i want to be
too many things i want to change but i dont think i can
God, help me accept and love myself
God, help me to be more like You
God, help me to do greater things for You
God, help me understand Your ways

God, i want to walk this journey with You. Not ahead of You or behind You but with You alongside.

pearls blogged at Sunday, August 12, 2007

May your light shine...
in the darkness...

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